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The Prestidigitators was created on May 2014, whose aim is to promote and uplift the standards of magic in the Philippines, by bringing in World-Class Magic Lectures and Events to the Filipino Magic Community.

Headed by George “The Chinaman” Mamonluk, the group is composed of 8 other individuals, each sharing a common interest in the art of magic. In a short period of time, the group has brought in lecturers such as “Award Winning Hong Kong Magician” Bond Lee (HK), “International Magic Superstar” Paul Wilson (US), “Grand Prix World Champion of Magic” Shawn Farquhar (CAN), and just recently “Holland Magic Superstar” Fritz Alkemade (HOL).

The Prestidigitators dream is to have a world-class Magic Convention and Magic Festival to be held in Manila. A dream not too hard to reach, soon to become a reality…

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